Thursday, April 23, 2009

Memoria Viva Movies

Hello Folks,

Dropping the first videos from Colombia.

Check out a little street video of Bounce, Makila and Yoshi.

Street of Cali Colombia from Trust Your Struggle on Vimeo.

In addition, here is the little video of the project Memoria Viva. Thanks to Mikey, Migs and Pablo for helping Yoshi make her first video.

Univalle Mural - Memoria Viva from Trust Your Struggle on Vimeo.

This mural is at Univalle, the public University in Cali, Colombia. It is the first in a mural series painted with the theme Memoria Viva. Memoria Viva is a project to remember the people who were displaced, disappeared or assassinated who were apart of a political party called the Unión Patríotica (UP).

This mural was a collaboration between survivors and family members of the violence in the UP, students and Maintenance Personnel at the University (special thanks to James, Camilo, Mauricio and Carlos), and artists: Bounce, Makila, and Yoshi. It is a Trust Your Struggle Production sponsored by

History of the UP:

In 1984, the FARC had peace negotiations with the government and out of the negociations a political party was created that represented the people. They emphasized one of the
problems was there was not a political party that represented the progressive left so many people didn't have a voice in the government. So the outcome of the negotiation was the beginning of the political party called the Unión Patríotica , the UP. The FARC agreed to a cease fire in 1985 as a result of this negociation. The party grew very fast over the next few years gaining
political power. They won many mayorships, control of local
municipalities, and the party grew very large in numbers. Many people
remember this as an amazing time, one of hope. Though the idea of the Party came about from the negociation, the UP was started by leftist philosophers, professors, artists, and regular folks who became politicized.

In 1986 because of the fear of growing power of the UP, the government and the military started secret assassinations, disappearances and displacement of the members of the UP. The two of the major military plans were called the "Red Dance" and "Plan Return." The government created paramilitary teams whose jobs were to search out members of the UP to assasinate and disappear them. This effort destroyed the party and by 1987 because of the masacres, the
FARC stopped the cease fire. Over five thousand of its members who were killed or disappeared. Colombia is now the largest country with internal displacement, recently surpassing Sudan. Over 4 million people have been internally displaced. And it is funded by the United States, over $6 billion
have filtered in and over 1000 U.S. personnel are in Colombia... this what the "War on Drugs" has funded...which has actually increased the amount of cocaine coming out of Colombia.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Memoria Viva en Colombia

Here is the first installment of the Memoria Viva Mural project Yoshi has been putting together in Colombia. The project will consist of 4 more murals throughout Colombia. For more info on the project check out this trailer Mikey put together.

Yoshi, Dr. Makila & Bounce
The allotted 3 weeks to work on this mural was reduced to about 4days, but with the hard work and persistence of some good friends, we finally got this wall done. Thanks to Makila, James, Camillo, Pablo, Mikey, Octavio, the maintenance staff at Univalle, the bag-o-rum and many more.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Warming up in Cali Colombia

Yoshi & Bounce playing with colombian paint

Monday, April 13, 2009

Sketches & Studies for HOODSCRAPERS

While TYS members Erin Yoshi, Bounce, and Mike are enjoying the warm weather and waterfalls of Cali, Columbia as they prepare to start a mural at a local university, New York members are getting ready for another gallery installation. Here are some sketches for the upcoming HOODSCRAPERS: High Rise & Low Fall show, opening May 2nd.





Saturday, April 11, 2009

1 day burner en Cali Colombia

Muro pintado por : Trust your struggle (yoshi+Bounce) de California y Fuzil(Dr.Makila) de Cali. APC.Autopista con 50.Cali. (about 100ft long)

Thursday, April 9, 2009


We're working on our new show entitled HOODSCRAPERS: High Rise & Low Fall, opening May 2nd (Saturday) in Newburgh, NY. It's part of a larger event called Hip Hop Seasons, all happening in Newburgh for the second year in a row. More updates and photos as we start working in the gallery.

Hoodscrapers Flyer 1

Hoodscrapers Flyer 2

Heres the festival info:

hiphop seasons

Event Schedule-

Dinner and a Movie

Thursday April 23RD 7:00PM- 9:00PM

On the Corner of Liberty Street and Broadway (Outdoors)

Newburgh N.Y 12550


Children of the Night Scholarship Concert

Friday April 24TH 7:00PM – 9:00PM

N.F.A High School Auditorium

201 Fullerton Ave, Newburgh, NY

ReadNex Poetry Squad, Saul Williams, John Forte, Rugged & Raw, Alex Schein, Eunice

$5 for N.F.A Students $10 for Public

NOTE: All money will go towards the Children Of The Night scholarship started by Saul Williams. Money will benefit N.F.A Students and Teachers. Tickets are on sale at N.F.A and Newburgh Art Supply 87 Liberty St, Newburgh New York 12550

Drum Circle & Brazilian Capoeira

Saturday April 25TH 12:30PM – Until the energy runs out!!!

Downing Park


Carpenter Ave/3rd St.

Newburgh N.Y 12550



Triple Threat

Saturday April 25TH 8:00PM

Beat Battle, DJ Battle, Break Dancers & Freestyle Challenge

Mount Saint Mary College Hudson Hall Auditorium

330 Powell Ave

Newburgh, New York 12550


Where My Ladies At?

All Women’s Hip Hop Panel

Sunday April 26TH 3:00PM

Newburgh Free Library

124 Grand Street

Newburgh, N.Y 12550


Poetry Coffeehouse Black Box Theatre

Wednesday April 29TH 7:00PM

Newburgh Free Academy

201 Fullerton Ave, Newburgh, NY


Hoodscrapers: High Rise & Low Fall (Graffiti Art Opening)

Saturday May 02nd 7:00PM

Ann Street Gallery

104 Ann Street




email at

Saturday, April 4, 2009

New Works by Borish

"Miriam" 8.5" x 11" Pen & Ink

To see more of new works by Trust Your Struggle's Borish visit: mincho vega is borish.