Thursday, October 23, 2008

Estria's 2nd Annual Invitational Graffiti Battle at DeFremery Park

I was able to dip out of LA for a couple hours to "defend the title" at Estria's 2nd Annual Invitational Graffiti Battle at DeFremery Park aka Little Bobby Hutton in West Oakland. This was a beautiful day in the park. There were live preformances by Mos Def, Goapele, Los Rakas with Dj Leydis and Ill Literacy. There was a Scraper Bike exhibition, a skate park and some green bamboo architecture. I kinda wanted to hang out rather than paint... But it was an honor to paint along side some of these graff legends. Here's the line up.

Estria (Hawaii/Bay Area)
Bounce TYS, defending champion, (Berkeley)
Done TDK (Oakland)
Apex BA (SF)
Pose2/Maxx Moses FX (Philly/San Diego)
Slide TMC (SF)
Max Ehrman/Eon75 (SF)
Pryde VE (Oakland)
Aero (San Diego & Hawaii)
Raven (Chicago)
Chez RSN (East Bay)
Satyr (San Francisco)
Persue (San Diego)
Ceyba CA (SF)
Germs EMT (SF)

Click for more photos by Tim Wagner

Click here for the finished pictures

click for more photos by Leo
I didn't know what the hell I was doing.

click for more photos by Skot LaRockwell.
I thought Pose 2 or Apex should have taken the title, but I can't complain. Its an honor to take the title for the 2nd year in a row.

Festival Internacional de los Nuevos Vientos, Ecatepec, Mexico

Cece was invited to participate in the Festival Internacional de los Nuevos Vientos in Ecatepec, Mexico.

Nuevos Vientos from Trust Your Struggle on Vimeo.
This video documents a 14-artist delegation to Ecatepec, Mexico. Located near Mexico City, Ecatepec is one of the most densely populated areas in the country. Favianna Rodriguez organized a group of artists activists to take to Mexico and conduct street art campaigns, graffiti murals, workshops, book release events, and solidarity work. Here is a short video by Reed Rickert and Geraldine Lozano, who documented the trip.

Last long leg of the tour

Shaun and I have been trying to escape from LA but keep getting held back with gigs. Some include a jamaican restaurant, a yoga studio and an hair saloon/afterhouse spot (all on the same block). This is good since the tour has left us broke and in debt.. **the donation button still works ya'll.**

ARMS 3x8 feet wood stain on Wood by Bounce.
Here is a detail of 3x8 feet long piece of stained wood that was commission along with 3 other pieces by this wild make up artist Tanya. Stay tunned for more of this series.

Photos by Miss NenaSoulFly
We've resorted to Kung Fu displays on the street for money and hamburgers. In between high kicks we've been working on a mural on the corner of Pico and Redando at Indulge Cafe. We think its going to be one of our best pieces. The hood seems to agree. Its a "cold piece" according to our new homie on the block, French Fry who used to play with the Delphonics. Our other homeboy Ray Charles who supposedly was an original member of the Gap Band said the piece was "alive" and that it made him cry. Both of whom were pretty drunk.

MARIGOLD by Bounce 4x4 feet. Spray Enamel and mixed media on wood.
This piece will be on display for...
RITUAL DUALITY: A Dance With Death
SATURDAY, November 1, 2008, 6-11p.m. @ the Mexican Cultural Institute at Olvera Street, (El Pueblo Historical Monument) in Downtown Los Angeles. The event will take place in the downstairs gallery located in the Biscailuz Building (right next to the Plaza Methodist Church.)

A free, live musical performance by L.A.'s own BUYEPONGO will bring all to the dance floor as they deliver sweet CUMBIAS to celebrate los muertos!!!


Open Thurs. - Sunday

IMIX Bookstore

In a few weeks we'll be taking down our show at IMIX bookstore. ( Stop by if you're around Eagle Rock. If you haven't heard about the store yet, google the reviews... its basically better than Rosario Dawson.

Here are some pics from the show.

Click for phtotos by Scott LaRockwell.

Click for photos by

Friday, October 3, 2008

The Passing of the Ghetto Scientist

Today we lost a beloved member of the Algiers Community in New Orleans. Claude Eugene Owens aka "The Ghetto Scientist", who taught GED classes and knew how to create a pseudo plasma shield with a cigarette and a microwave passed away this morning. A true genius who was caught up in the ailments of his community. Keep him in your thoughts.

Ghetto Scientist
by Bounce

Photo by Borish

This passed week, we have been taking down the show at GalerĂ­a de la Raza. Raquel and Audra now hate us for all the gallons of paint and illegal dumpings of random wood it took to cover our show. Sorry guys.

At lease we left the mission with a memorial for all the youth that have been lost to senseless violence. Bounce with the help of 2hERMANO created this mural on the corner of 24 y Bryant. We strongly encourage you to add to it by pasting pictures, leaving flowers, and burning candles in honor of our loved ones who have passed too soon.

Photo by 2hERMANO