Friday, October 3, 2008

The Passing of the Ghetto Scientist

Today we lost a beloved member of the Algiers Community in New Orleans. Claude Eugene Owens aka "The Ghetto Scientist", who taught GED classes and knew how to create a pseudo plasma shield with a cigarette and a microwave passed away this morning. A true genius who was caught up in the ailments of his community. Keep him in your thoughts.

Ghetto Scientist
by Bounce

Photo by Borish

This passed week, we have been taking down the show at GalerĂ­a de la Raza. Raquel and Audra now hate us for all the gallons of paint and illegal dumpings of random wood it took to cover our show. Sorry guys.

At lease we left the mission with a memorial for all the youth that have been lost to senseless violence. Bounce with the help of 2hERMANO created this mural on the corner of 24 y Bryant. We strongly encourage you to add to it by pasting pictures, leaving flowers, and burning candles in honor of our loved ones who have passed too soon.

Photo by 2hERMANO


Debosummers said...

He had an unselfish spirit and shared his gifted knowledge with many.

Rest In Peace Booker!

Your sister,

Debra Owens Summers

saizanj said...

I will always remember my AWESOME,extraordinary,and loving uncle. He always found a way to share his knowledge with his nieces and nephews, even if we didnt understand it at that time, later the "LIGHTS" would come on! Thank you uncle Claude for your unselfish knowledge and giving heart.I love you!!!

Love Always Your Neice,

Michele Owens said...

Thank you Algiers for loving my big brother. If I could live my life over again, I would live it with Claude Eugene Owens as my hero once again.

Claude thank you for providing a good example of what a great brother should be.

Your lil sis,
Michele Owens (Meannie)

Unknown said...

This man was definitely a huge impact on my life and I cherish all the memories I have of him still today he taught me that cool experiment that I'll always remember lol also I want to second what everyone else is say that he was for real a giving living person who loves to share his knowledge and even gave my mom like 40 bucks one time out of the clear blue that's just the kind of person he was me my mad and sister will always remember him :)

Thirteen Love BeyTM said...

Loving **