Sunday, September 21, 2008

Pics from Arizona

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This is actually the second mural we started in Flagstaff, the first was started with youth in a community garden on some wood panels. It was hated on by the guy who owned the water and the property nextdoot to the garden. He didn't like the piece calling it "hippie crap" and threatened violence against the planted corn.
Some detail shots of more hippie crap.

It rained almost daily around 2pm in Flagstaff. Not good for painting but good for pictures.

the homie mark who was new to Flagstaff and came through to help.

miguel's favorite caps

Cy Wagner of The Native Movements Artist Collective. He joined the tour and easily adapted to our couch surfing ways. We caught him as he was mocing to San Francisco so he was able to get down with us at the show at GalerĂ­a de la Raza.

This is the mural Native Movements Collective created with youth from the community. We originally planned to help them out with this mural but didn't get to Arizona in time due to the set back in Atlanta. They didn't need us any way.

Derrick and his wife run the Apple Sauce Cafe in The Flag.

They let people draw on their walls.

They kindly lent us their establishment to sleep while we were painting.

The Homie Eli and Cy.

Leilani, Miguels girlfriend met up with us in Arizona on her way to NY. They snuck off to the Grand Canyon.

A couple more pics from Texas.

Crew shot with Clifford the man that runs the Victory Grill in Texas.

John Farmer of Krammer Films who met up with us in Texas and traveled around filming and partying with us. He made us look professional.

We went painting with Sloke in ATX. We weren't able to get a pic of the whole thing.

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