Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Yoshi: from Santiago to Bogota

Hey Folks,

I wrapped things up in Santiago. While Nelson and I took off to Valparaiso, Dacot finished up some parts on the mural. Here is the final shot of the mural in Santiago.


Sadly I said goodbye to Santiago but happily I made my way to Bogota for my new adventure. I got in, chilled out and explored the city. They have an amazing exhibition of Botero that I had to stop by and check out. The Botero exhibit is from his private collection and he donated it to the city on the contingency that they would keep the exhibit free...

After exploring, I started working immediately on the project proposal. I was seeking sponsorship for painting murals throughout Colombia. I presented in Spanish which was so nerve wrecking for me because mine isn't the best, though it is getting better. I actually cried the night before because I was so nervous that I wasn't going to be able to do it. But I survived and even got my project funded. It is a two part project with Pablo. He is going to shoot photography and video footage and I am going to paint murals. I have committed to 5 murals and I am so excited to start. Our project should begin in about a week or two. I am trying to bring down some friends and crew members to join in on the project, along with local artists from around Colombia.

In Bogota, I made a friend, Stinkfish. He has a crew here made up of like 5 guys and two girls. They are great and paint all over the city. They are working on some really large projects, walls, galleries here in the city. And they invited me to come paint with them. Stinkfish seems as nice as they come. He is super talented and just down to collaborate and build. We have some ideas of collaborations in the works and it has only been a few days. We get along great between his little English and my little Spanish. I am so excited that I have a new friend...

Check out a link to his blog here: http://www.stink.tk/

Stinkfish and I collaborated on a wall, check it out below. It is a fun little project. It was on a wall that he placed a stencil on 2 years before and the owners liked it so much that they repainted the stencil everytime someone would tag near or on it. They were very supportive for us to do something new...


This weekend, he got me into a National Hiphop Annual Festival to paint with approximately 30 other artists from around the country and a few international. It is about 1 hour south of Bogota in an area that has graf and murals covering the main highways. The walls are huge and I know it is going to be a great time. It is also my birthday so what more can I ask for... I am super excited...It is totally an honor that he has help introduce me into the scene. I will post some more flicks after this weekends event.

Hope everyone is well...love and hugs,


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him too said...

yo yo.....

make sure to hit up my family out there La Familia Ayara. They do a ton of incredible projects with all the elements but also specifically with graf and murals in the communities, in juvenile prisons as well as rehabilitation centres for children.

I'm sure they would love to connect. They also host and produce the only national hip-hop television show and some some other stuff.

email me at getatremix@gmail.com when you get the chance cause I'm not trying to put their email addy's on blast on the net.

with respect for all you and the movement do,