Monday, July 28, 2008

ATL Updater

Peace my people. So we got a lot of things to share with everybody so far with all that has happen on our tour.

Where do we start?? Okay, so in nutshell: we donated a camera to the universe, we lost one member, our van's transmission kicked the bucket, tried to get it fixed but was out of luck with the wrong transmission, we're stinky, hungry, late on getting to New Orleans, and waiting to see this storm pass.

But lets not dwell on the negative cause there is a good amount of good things going on around us. We were blessed by a family that gave us some good, home cooked meals and a shower. No doubt there are some real people in the world that are down to give just to give. Our thanks are eternal to them.



We're done with the mural after a long week and the people here in the community are hyped. We were honored to have donated our skills and time. Thank yous go out to Baba Sola, Baba Sekou, Mr. Williams, and Dr. Narvie and Richard Puls.

As for Young Mona.....


mannnnnn for anyone that has had car troubles, you know all the BS you gotta go through. So our lovable van, Young Mona was riding all good until the other day when her transmission gave out. So what we going do? Well, pray for one thing, and just wait for the transmission shop to fix Mona up. Until then we still have a place to stay and a hose to wash up with :). New Orleans is definitely on the radar, a little later than planned, but we will get there and paint.

But for reals, this area of Atlanta is a trip. From what the people here have told us, this area (West End part of SW Atlanta)was hit by crack a while back and the people here moved out or lost many of their houses. So it is a kind of ghost town here, with hella abandoned houses but at the same time you will still find homeless people here.


To me this makes no sense in this country. It is always a learning experience when we travel, but especially in your "own backyard". There are always people speaking about "there are kids starving in China/Africa/etc" when all we got to do is look a little harder within our own lands. But I am sure we will have more time to write about this as we cross the states.

As for now we're sitting tight, hoping to see Young Mona running again and itching to paint something else here in ATL.



Paz y Lucha

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