Monday, August 4, 2008

Mona's Back, the Big Easy, a cop, an americore girl, and a gang of muralists

Peace friends and fam.

Last Thursday we escaped from Atlanta with our Young Mona, fought through a storm and made it to New Orleans. Not that we don't love Atlanta, but we was getting some serious cabin fever.

Here is the Mural #1 Painted at the Omenal-Griot Museum in Atlanta. (click to enlarge)

Leaving ATL Shaun, Rob, and Miguel do one last piece in Little 5 Points

In New Orleans we're staying with the homegirl Candice who works for Americore here in NOLA organizing volunteers to help rebuild out here. But we're enjoying our stay here, especially cause we got beds to sleep on and a shower.

We started working quickly as we got here trying to hook up murals and contacting our connections. We met up with Vince from the Craige Cultural Center in the Algiers area of the city. This area was not flooded in the storm, but the center, for example was damaged and the city officials would not let Vince and his family back into their homes and the center. If you don't know about the dirty politics or racism that went down with the city/U.S. government and the citizens of New Orleans during and after the storm, you should really do some research.

The Craige Cultural Center (CCC) was created by Vince's father, Dr. Craige, where they would provide classes and workshops to the residents of Algiers. Since the storm they have rebuilt a lot of the center and now provide not just classes, but a computer lab, art classes, dances, performances, and other events. Their goal, as mentioned by Vince, is to help empower and build strong links in the community. We've started a mural inside the center and will be finishing by tonight or tomorrow morning so we can get out of NOLA and make our way to Austin, Texas.

...and to our friend of the law, Greg, you the mentor and dope tour guide. Give love to the family.

Here are some last minute photos from Atlanta...

The homie Amara from the bay cooking a wonderful dinner for us in ATL. Love to you mama.

How Borish do in the South

HotLanta for reals

Borish & Shuan gazing into each other's eyes

Trolly Stop in NOLA

But wait! How can we not have a picture of Phil..

The groundskeeper at Omenala-Griot Museum in Atlanta

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Scott La Rockwell said...

Trolly stop is my shit , I love that place the food is hella good;;;;crazy yall hanging with Amara I havent seen her for awhile....what a small world...looks like yall are doing great..Im bummed I wont see any of yall at all cause I;ll be in Japan before you get here but hustle hard ,g et it yall ..I am so proud to call yall family and crew miss you all , love you all!!!