Saturday, August 9, 2008

Leaving NOLA, Big Texas, and Victory Grill

Hello people,

Writing you from the Lone Star State known as Texas. We arrived here Thursday morning after driving from New Orleans the moment we finished the mural at the Craige Cultural Center. Check the finished piece.

As for Texas, Austin is pretty chill, with its art scenes, music, etc. We are blessed to have a home to stay in while here with our wonderful host Courtney. 7 mo fo's in your house takes a lot.

Our first piece began last friday at the Historical Victory Grill on E. 11th. The history in this place is crazy rich with Blues singers and musicians. From what we've been told Austin was segregated into two parts by a highway, highway 35. Blacks could not go into the white part of town and when WWII was going on Black soliders would come home and go to the Victory Grill to catch some acts. Now the area around the Grill is getting super gentrified with new rich money coming in and the city wants the Victory Grill to go. So they are basically fighting to keep history, especially Black musical history here in Austin alive.

People have given us nothing but love in the community for doing this piece for the Victory Grill. Residents here have said that this was much needed in the area and it is bringing some good attention to the place.

Eva Lindsay the 61 years young owner of the historic Vicotry Grill in Austin Texas

Victory Grill


Eva & Charlene

Victory Grill entrance

Joe who runs The Yard Boutique in downtown Austin

Good friend of Victory Grill, Harold

Courtney, our lovely host (along with Martin) in Austin who has opened up her house to us.

The homie Sloke let us get down at his spot.

Borish at Slokes spot.

Shout out to Mark, Joe, Courtney, and Sloke who also made us feel at home. You guys always have a home in the Bay or New York.


Thomas said...

As an Austin music fan, I want to thank you for your beautiful work at the Victory Grill. I posted a slideshow of the finished piece here:

Courtney Desiree Morris said...

Hey companer@s:
Thanks for the shout-out. It was so great to have ya'll here, I assure you the pleasure was all mine. Be safe during your travels and keep on shining. Your work is beautiful and so are all of you.