Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Flag, AZ

Here is the finished mural at the Victory Grill en Tejas
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Whats up people. Sorry for the delayed blog, we've been kinda busy here in Flagstaff, Arizona. When I say kinda, I mean kinda because we've been doing a light load of work.

We got here late last Tuesday from one of the longest drives we've had from Austin Texas to Flagstaff. Texas is like crossing the world, man, hella big. Anyways, so after traveling a good 16 hours or so we met up with the homie Cy that works with several Native groups out here in AZ. His group were already painting a mural on the side of an apartment with some youth from the area. They was putting it down doing some dope stuff. The following 2 days we started a small mural on some plywood sheets with the youth in this garden that they have constructed. Their group works to promote awareness of the environment, culture, and art. They pretty much raised this garden out of an empty lot and now is growing corn, sunflowers, and other herbs while teaching the youth.

Other than that we've also began another mural here on the same apartment complex that Cy's group worked on. The families here, like the others, have showed us super love and hella feeding us. Love to Somana, Gabe, Scott, Brett, Eli, Derek from Applesauce Theater, and Cy.We got rained on early today while we worked so we had to call it. We're hoping we finish so we can be out Monday afternoon to make it to San Diego and LA, then up to the Bay.

Don't forget all the people in the Bay that we're having our opening for our show "On the Wall" at the Galeria de la Raza in SF,Thursday, Aug. 28th. We'll see you there.

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